Many architects and house builders have an appreciation for the beauty of natural stone work, and in many places planning regulations stipulate that new developments are constructed in a sympathetic style to existing stone buildings.
Sandy McLean & Co. have a proven track record working on, and overseeing, new builds from the architects plans to the final fit. Our talented team are experienced working with the finest natural materials, marrying traditional craftsmanship with up to date techniques and innovations.

Conservation and Restoration

Drawing on an excellent knowledge base and a team of talented craftsmen, Sandy McLean & Co. has restored some the the United Kingdom’s most valuable architectural treasures to their former glory.
With a planned and systematic approach Sandy McLean & Co. preserve and protect those original features that will endure, and identify the features that will not, if needs be, replacing them with geologically and aesthetically sympathetic materials.

Sandy McLean & Co. have a thoughtful and considered approach to conservation work based on an uncommon expertise in the field. Natural materials and tried and tested solutions are sympathetically employed to arrest weathering, deterioration and decay.

Architectural Carving can be arranged

Sandy McLean & Co. employ a talented team of fully qualified masons, who are experienced creating ornate or detailed architectural stonework based on existing or bespoke designs.

Practical Advise can be provided


Sandy McLean & Co. have more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of restoration and conservation of stonework, and are pleased to undertake consultancy work.

Bespoke Carving


The craftsmen at Sandy McLean & Co. are experienced working from plans and drawings to produce beautiful bespoke and unique stone carving. Previous commissions have included memorials, commemorative stones and architectural features.

Stone Cleaning



Over time stonework may become coated in a layer of dirt, grime, carbon or other deleterious materials, and there are a variety of cleaning techniques and technologies available. The experienced and qualified experts at Sandy McLean & Co. will undertake a careful survey of the afflicted area before advising on the appropriate system and course of action.

Building Repairs


Whether through passage of time, weathering or accidental damage, most stonework will periodically require repair. Sandy McLean & Co. employ a considered approach to building repairs, ensuring that the techniques employed and the materials used will be sympathetic to the original architecture.
The team of craftsmen employed by Sandy McLean & Co. ensure that repairs are carried out with exceptional attention to detail.

Paving and Patios


The expertise of Sandy McLean & Co. in stonework extends to gardens and landscaping, and the company has experience installing patios and paving, walls and other features.

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